Website Analytics 

Website Analytics

Website analytics or the science of analysis is the only true method to fully understand your websites traffic and users. Analytics is the key to the success of your website and in turn the success of your business.

Website analytics is an essential part of the ongoing administration of any successful website and should be carried out on a regular basis; the best results however are achieved from weekly or even daily analysis. We know that sifting through vast amounts of data isn’t at the top of your to-do list but the rewards for completing this task can be vast. With some basic training and simple tools this difficult and mundane task can be completed with little effort.

Evoweb are proud to use Google analytics which is a world renowned enterprise class website analytics solution. Google analytics is free and an account can be setup with Google in minutes. Some skill is required to correctly configure this and instruction is provided so for users who feel they have the ability to do this themselves we urge you to start your analytics strategy now and start to reap the rewards. Once configured correctly it won’t be long before you are seeing results with the potential of saving you money on PPC marketing and converting more visitors into customers.

For those users who do not possess the necessary skills or desire to carry out the task of installing, configuring and maintaining an analytical solution Evoweb Studio can help. We can create and configure your Google analytics account and can either provide basic training or manage your analytics for you. Whatever you choose it won’t be long before you are back in control and seeing positive results.

Website Analytics Solutions

We have tried to take the pain out of analytics by creating some simple solutions aimed at getting you on your way to fully understanding your website, and more importantly your Customers.

Premium Analytics

  • Installation / Configuration
  • 2 Hours Training

Only £100

Standard Analytics

  • Installation / Configuration
  • 1 Hour Training

Only £75