Snow Your Stuff

Project Details

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  • Website Hosting
  • Custom Design / Joomla Theme
  • Managed PPC Campaign
  • Website Analytics

With another harsh winter on the horizon we were asked if we could help deliver a website with the sole purpose of advice for driving in bad weather, particularly cold weather conditions. With more UK motorists than ever being caught off guard over the past 2 winters information like this will become invaluable.

It’s all good and well saying "it’s snowing don’t go outside", but the reality is that many of us need to. Whether it’s to go to work, get the groceries, do the school run, or whatever. One thing’s for sure we can’t afford for everything to grind to a halt because of a bit of snow.

With Instruction on planning a trip, getting unstuck and basic winter car care. is the only place you need to go for all those winter essentials, a website bursting with advice in various mediums such as images, text, flash advertising & video. Including studies carried out worldwide, where climates are much harsher than the UK, yet daily life still continues as normal if only a little slower.

Driving in cold weather conditions is hazardous and should be avoided. For those people who can’t avoid driving in snow & ice then visit “don’t fall foul to the winter again”