SEO Survey

We undertake a survey of your existing site and provide you with a report on 3 key areas.

  1. Keywords - We look at your website content and generate a list of its keywords and key phrases; we then grade the relevance of each keyword or key phrase against your business services. We provide suggestions on targeting your keywords and key phrases to increase your sites visibility on the internet, in turn generating more traffic and higher ROI (Return on Investment).
  2. Inbound links - We look to see if your site has existing inbound links, and if it does how many. We then provide a basic link building strategy to increase the quantity, and improve the quality of your inbound links. This gives your website much higher credibility in relation to search engine rankings, to help you achieve consistently higher search engine results.
  3. Overview of layout & structure - We will review the first 5 pages of your site for W3C compliance, and provide suggestions for any changes which could aid the user experience

**The FREE SEO Survey is only available for a maximum of 5 pages. If your site has more than 5 pages only the first 5 pages will be crawled. The FREE SEO Survey is an offer which could be withdrawn at any time (normal price of SEO Survey is £36). Completion of the SEO Survey is approximately 5-7 business days.**