Disater RecoveryWebsite Disaster Recovery

Potential customers are finding you on the web, internet sales are through the roof and your general business exposure has increased 200% in the last 6 months, everything is going great. Until DISASTER strikes - you have major hardware failure on your web server and your website goes off-line. What will you do?

For most businesses this scenario is one that has had little or no thought. Failure to have plans in place for such an event can result in irreparable damage to your customer base, reputation of your business and in the worst case bring about the quick end to your success.

So what can you do?

To minimise the risk of such an event every website however big or small should have a Disaster Recovery Plan or DRP in place. Depending on the size and complexity of your website will depend on the complexity of your DRP.

A small business website may just require daily website backups as they can afford for their website to be off for a few days.

Other larger websites will require more regular backups of data with the ability to display a webpage (holding page) in the event of your website going off-line. The holding page explains that your site is undergoing maintenance, will be back online soon and to contact you via phone.

The ecommerce enterprise will require even more thought; perhaps load balancing, redundant servers, servers in different data centres across different regions.

Irrelevant of the size or complexity of your systems, Evoweb Studio can develop a DRP to keep your business operational in the event of a DISASTER.

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