Anytime - AnywhereAnytime - Anywhere Network Access

As more business processes are becoming computer automated, Evoweb Studio believe it is becoming an essential requirement for customers to have the ability to work remotely. No longer are office hours 9-5, so it is imperative you can make important business decisions, answer queries & place orders Anytime, Anywhere.

With so many different ways to connect to your office remotely, which one is right for you? From laptops to handheld devices, working from home and on the move, we've got the experience and skill to get you connected.

Keeping you connected on the move:

Many mobile devices (Mobile Phone, Tablet computer) already come with the capability to connect to the internet; the skill is harnessing this facility to be able to securely access your office network.

Some laptops may not have the capability to connect anywhere, so there are a number of devices available to get you connected. Most modern laptops have the ability to connect to a wireless network, and yes more and more places offer free wireless internet access. This would give you the building blocks to keeping you in touch with work.

The drawbacks to free wireless hotspots are well documented so what are your other options? The most common choice is mobile internet using a device you plug into to your laptop. This solution can offer secure internet access *Anywhere Anytime*. This inexpensive method of connecting to the internet gives you the most flexibility in accessing corporate data on the move.

Keeping you connected in remote locations:

More businesses are harnessing the power of the internet for employees working from home and although much of Great Britain has the infrastructure in place to provide internet access at home, there are still many parts of rural Scotland, England & Wales with poor, or no internet connectivity.

At least this used to be the case! With advancements in technology we can now offer new ways for keeping you connected.

Satellite Internet:

Satellite internet isn’t a new technology; in its infancy satellite internet didn’t get very good press due to instability, poor speed and the hefty price tag. All this changed with the launch of a new satellite not so long ago. This has brought about the possibilities to offer reliable Satellite Internet with speeds up to 40mb at broadband prices* .

Evoweb Studio operate Satellite Internet so we really are the best choice when it comes to keeping your business running Anywhere Anytime.