Analytics Explained

Analyzing your website traffic will allow you to understand your website visitor’s behaviour. You will be able to see how visitors have found your website - referral, direct access, SER, PPC or a particular marketing campaign? How many visitors your website has, and compare them with previous months or years? Enable you to make informed decisions on marketing strategies to either reduce spend or improve ROI. The knowledge gained through Analytics is invaluable.

Detailed below are just some of the types of information available through Analytics, with the hope that you will better understand why we need to have Analytics. Our focus will be on 3 areas of analytics, but understand this it is not an exhaustive list of what Analytics can do this is just an insight into what you can achieve.

There are many website analytics solutions on the market today but Evoweb Studio champion Google Analytics. It’s free and relatively simple to configure. With some basic training (which is available free through Google in various formats) you can soon be on your way. If you would prefer a more personal training plan then this is something that Evoweb Studio can provide.

Visitor Analytics

Within only days of configuring Google Analytics you will be able to see how much traffic your website genuinely receives, (that’s the number of people visiting your web site). Now with only several days of data you won’t be able to see the full story, but once it has been running for a few weeks you will have enough data to start making crucial business decisions. Better still the longer you run Analytics the more data acquired, and you will be able to see the results of changes you make whether they are good or bad.

Imagine having the power to see how many people visit your website, and then have the ability to know how many of those are new visitors or repeat visitors? What could you do with the knowledge that 80% of your visitors are from overseas when in actual fact your core business offerings only run to your home county? Then have the ability to compare these statistics month on month.

Just simply looking at an overview of your website visitors could change how you do business now and forever.

Traffic Analytics

So you’ve seen how many visitors you have had, but where do they all come from? How are they finding your website?

This kind of information is all available straight out of the box from Google Analytics and can often show some alarming results.

If you were able to see that your last marketing campaign only produced 2% of the total months visitor count, and that only 5% of these visitors were actually interested enough to stay on your website for more than 60 seconds - What would you do?

If you were able to see that your PPC campaigns that cost you hundreds of pounds a day actually have a very poor Return on Investment (ROI).  For example your PPC is so expensive is because due to a mistake by a third party - every time someone looks for a Casio calculator your website is displayed? The only problem is that you don’t sell Casio calculators you are in actual fact a Piano Tuner, and every time someone visits your website via PPC it costs you £1.50. Now £1.50 may not sound like a lot but if I was to tell you that you had 92 visits this month via PPC at £1.50 a time then it becomes a different story.

You could be spending thousands of pounds per month on marketing & PPC campaigns that actually only produce a small ROI or worse still no ROI. The power of Analytics will allow you to make accurate business decisions based on facts from your website.

Content Analytics

You know how many visitors you have; you know where your visitors come from. But what did they search for to find your website?

Again all this information is at the touch of a button using Google Analytics. Out of the box you can see exactly what your website visitors are searching for when they find your website.

These details could show your glowing errors in keyword choice for particular pages of your website and be the reason that statistically 92% of your website visitors leave your website within only several seconds.

But why would they leave / bounce off your website as soon as they arrive? Simply, they are searching for a service or products you don’t offer but due to the structure of your page content your pages are being indexed for words not associated with your services or products.

Analytics Summary

With Analytics you get complete and accurate information on the habits of the people actually using your website. Enabling you to focus your marketing strategy’s on your target audience and giving them what they expect to see. You will be able to cut down the amount of traffic to your website from users who are not interested in your services, and instead target the market you desire improving your ROI and user experience at the same time.

We can implement Google Analytics for you

We will arrange for an account to be setup with Google, add the necessary code to your website to enable the data flow & take the time to give you all the training required to enable you to take control of your own website Analytics.

We offer 3 levels of Analytics services, the details of these can be found here. Analytics Solutions