Evoweb Studio (Lee Austin-Winters) is an Aberdeenshire Search Engine and Website Optimisation company, but really we are so much more than this.

Working in various sectors of the IT industry for over 13 years, spending the last 7 years developing, designing and maintaining one of the largest and best ecommerce enterprises in its market (printerland.co.uk), we have gained invaluable expertise in all aspects of website development.

What makes Evoweb Studio standout from other Search Engine and Website optimisation Professionals is our ability to handle every aspect of website ownership. From SEO and Website Optimisation, to Hosting, Support and Maintenance, to Development, Design and Computer (server) Hardware and Software. You could almost call us the ultimate Swiss army knife of technical ability.

But less about Evoweb the company, what about the people behind the name?

After working for the same company for over 13 years as IT Manager, Webmaster, CTO, and general "Know It All" I wanted to take my knowledge and put it to use improving the internet one website at a time. My wife and I decided it was time for change. Our plan was a simple one - sell our house and move from Manchester to Scotland where we would find a restoration project to turn into a beautiful family home, start a new Website Optimisation business and generally start enjoying life. In July 2010 we made the move and have begun to build our home, business and future in Aberdeenshire.

Soon after arriving in Scotland word was out about my areas of expertise. Without any advertising I had people interested in my services and within a few weeks I had my first client.

But here we are in August 2011, the official birth of Evoweb Studio SEO and Web Professionals.


We are a confident, unique digital agency in Aberdeenshire that offers services in :

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • WO (Website Optimisation)
  • Analytics installation, configuration and management
  • Website Design, Build, Maintain and Development
  • Technical Support

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